Sourcing pH strips, and kits, and using them correctly

Knowing the pH of a chemical or aqueous solution can be very helpful. Have you ever thought about all the useful ways knowing the pH of something might be needed? The pH of water in a hot tub or a swimming pool is a great example of why knowing pH is important, but what about all the other ways knowing pH is used? Many people that work in business, like carpet cleaning for example, or health care professionals, or university students taking biology or chemistry will know instantly how important pH is. 
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pH strips are handy to use – Here is why!

Have you ever thought about all the useful ways knowing the pH of something might be needed? Sure, it is obvious that pH is very useful if you have ever had to check water in a hot tub or a swimming pool. But, what about all the other important ways knowing pH is so important? Many people that work in business, like carpet cleaning for example, or are health care professionals, or are university students taking biology or chemistry will know instantly how very important pH is. 

What is pH exactly?

The pH scale is just a scale, known as a logarithmic scale, that indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions to measure relative amounts of free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.  A pH measurement utilize this scale to specify acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution of water, or any substance put in to an aqueous state. The pH scale  has two “sides” divided by neutral pH at 7. One side of this scale indicates if a solution is acidic and the other side, higher than 7 will indicate a base or alkaline liquid. A stronger acid will be considered as having a pH of 0 to about 4.0 and become considered a weaker acid up to what are considered mild acids at around 6.0 pH. Neutral is 6.5 to 7.3. Base solutions, also called alkaline on the pH scale are from about 7.4 to strong alkaline above 9.0 up to 14. (These descriptions of pH are general and relative and my have to take in to account other analytical factors)

Why is pH important?

pH is a very important scientific consideration as far as analytics, to know about for many reasons. Safety is alwys the main consideration in any setting whether in business, or a commercial activity, or a medical setting. pH can tell if a liquid is safe to handle or when it is not safe to handle. If a liquid is acid or alkaline, someone handling the chemical should know the pH and then konw what measures to take to make sure they are taking all precautions to be safe. Gloves and eye protecion are usually always needed when handling an acid or an alkaline or base substance. More protection than that may be needed even then, but the user and handler can at least start there and add whatever protection might be required. 

Typical uses for pH testing: 

There are many applications and needs to accurate tesing of a chemical or liquid’s pH. You may often have to use a pH kit if you own a hot tub or a pool of course. Who would desire to be in a hot tub or a pool and have the water pH too low or too high. That woud not feel so great as the water will be very uncomrfortable and drying to the skin and possiby dangerous.   In the business world, there are many reasons to know the pH of products. If you are in a business where chemicals are used you probably want to know the pH for safety reasons. If you spill something on a floor or on a table, before it is cleaned up knowing the pH woudl be helful before anyone touches it or is exposed to it. In the medical profession there are so many critical reasons pH is used too. Health professionals may need to test pH of urine for example to help their patients  discover health concerns.  In places where food is served like in a resturant or bar, or a hotel kitchen, you may want to know the pH in the sink with water used for washing dishes, or the pH of mop water with a cleaners in it so that you do not end up damaging surfaces and protective coatings on floors or tables. Some health departments may require pH testing in kitchens in restaurants, hotels,  bars and other public places.

How to use pH testing strips:

Using a pH test kit or strip is very easy . First review the Safety Data sheet of the chemical or solution being tested . Then as a measure of caution wear approprate protective equipment.  Using a pH testing kit or strip can make your life easier and get you to an answer faster than doing complicated chemistry with pH buffer liquids and other methods.

After choosing the proper test kit or which pH test strip you need and then reading the SDS and getting your safety equipment on and reviewing the instructions, you will  typically dip a strip of the pH testing paper in to the solution you are checking the pH on.  After dipping, the stip will display a color and you will usually just compare the color on the strip to the color chart. The color indicated will tell you what the pH of your solution you are testing is 

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