How to Make Friends While Traveling Alone

While travelling alone has its benefits, you will undoubtedly miss having friends to talk to on your trip. After a while, travelling solo gets lonely. This is why you have to connect with other people safely. You can try to interact with fellow travellers or locals to avoid being alone all the time.

This article is written to show you some ways by which you can safely make friends when you are travelling solo. Below are some of the options you can explore to make friends when travelling alone.

Go on walking tours

Going on walking tours offers you a chance at interacting with other tourists you come across. While nothing is sure, there is a decent chance that you would have made a new friend by the time you are done with the your. You can rest assured that the guides will provide you a detailed and great view of the locals and you can also interact with the locals.

People traveling alone are not as hard to find as you might think. The leisurely pace of your stops will provide the opportunity to chat with other tourists and you will discover people who, like you, are traveling alone and people who possibly want you to join their team. There are places and stops in prominent cities that are specialized to enhance interaction among strangers.

Also, there are several your companies that have outposts in popular cities. This can make it easy for you to make friends with fellow tourist.

Use Airbnb to go on unique experiences

What Airbnb is well known for is its accommodation arrangements. What most people don’t know is that it also try to make you active when you get to your destination. With Airbnb Experiences, you can connect with local guides who take you around on paid activities. In case you have not traveled in recent times and you are wondering what Airbnb Experiences is, this feature was launched late in 2016.

Just like the walking tour option discussed above, Airbnb Experiences is a nice way of casually mingling with fellow tourists while learning about your destination from the locals. The only thing you have to do is cover the cost upfront. Your expenses will range from transportation and equipment to food and drinks.

You can explore the Experiences feature on the Airbnb platform. Details, description, ratings, and reviews of past experiences can be seen on the platform. You can get in touch with the hosts if you have any inquiries.

Connect with like-minded explorers on social travel apps

Social networking can be tweaked to help you make friends during the course of your travel. There are many networking applications that are specifically designed for the purpose of traveling. These apps will help you cut out the middle men. You get to directly connect with your fellow travelers. These applications are available on iOS and Android.

Travello is a free application that allows you to make contact with other travelers around you. You can compare itineraries and see which tourists group interests you.

Another free travel application is Tourlina which is designed exclusively for women. It operates like Travelo.

As much as you have similar interests with any stranger you meet online, move forward in the relationship cautiously. Don’t meek in secluded places. You should consider video chatting them before you meet up in person.

Stay in hostels

There are many modern options available for accommodation and lodgings. Hostels are still many travelers go-to options when it comes to lodgings. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first one is that hostels are very cheap and it is easy to socialize when you are in hostels. Dormitories are college-like and you can have your meals in a common kitchen. There is usually a lounge where lodgers can interact and engage in activities.

The hostel environment is ideal to meet up with other travelers and you can engage with the hostel staffs.

You can book your accommodation in hostels from popular booking sites like, Hostels, and Hostelbookers.