Timeless Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Here are the top10 recommended books you need to read to keep acquiring new and relevant skills in order to be successful as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, it’s best to keep acquiring new and relevant skills in order to be successful. Entrepreneurship can be a stressful yet rewarding! Learning from others can help inspire you and one of the easiest ways is to read.

Below is a list of top books you should consider as an Entrepreneur.

1. Women, Leadership, and Saving the World: Why Everything Gets Better When Women Lead by Belinda Clemmensen

Women in leadership make everything better in this bold and urgent call for change.

Women face lots of challeneges in business especially as they move in to leadership. Even when their leadership skills are strong and proven they can find their their self-confidence challenged. Finding a place in the business workplace can be a tough and exhausting.

The author, Belinda Clemmensen addresses the topics of power in the work place and the challenges women face head on, and give women tools to move ahead without sacrficing their identity.

2. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Any entrepreneur who wants success should read this book. Published in 1959, the book highlights how crucial thinking is. You don’t need big dreams to think big. David Schwartz advises all entrepreneurs to act big instead. You will find the book inspiring if you need to start thinking positively about your career and work-life balance. There are very practical approaches and ideas that work to be discovered in this book.

3. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

If you are all about sales optimization, then Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule should be a priority on your list. If you are the type that prefers audiobooks instead, you are in luck. Grant released an audiobook read by himself which you’ll find entertaining and educating. Having Grant’s mindset will make you target ten times the number of people you want to sell your products to. You will be awed by the result of this approach.

4. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck

To survive and grow as an entrepreneur, you need a mindset that can withstand and overcome all the challenges go be faced. This is what Carol Dwevk’s book is all about. You have to read this book to develop a growth mindset. This is the only way you can solve the problems that will rise up in your entrepreneurship quest. Entrepreneurship is all about risk, so if you want to play it safe, you might not get off the ground and grow.

5. Essentialism by Greg McKeown

If you are confused about your place in life, can’t figure out what role you should be playing, this book is a necessity for you. It helps you highlight your life goals and focus on what is important to you. These steps will boost your productivity and make your entrepreneurship journey easier.

6. The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert

This is not your orthodox book. The Boron Letters were written by legendary copywriter Gary Halbert while he was in prison. Gary Halbert is a success in the marketing world and was a renowned copywriter. He wrote these letters to teach his son the steps to take to be successful. He touched a lot of niches in these letters to his son.

7. Made to Stick – Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Made to Stick is a book that teaches you how to influence others into buying into your idea. As an entrepreneur, persuasion is an indispensable tool that you will have to utilize every now and then. This book is very broad and detailed. You will learn all the persuasive skills you require as an entrepreneur once you read this book.

8. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie

Are you looking for a book to teach you how to get your ideas across better? Do you find it difficult to pass across your intended message to an audience? Then this book is for you. Dale Carnegie is a veteran writer who has written great books across a lot of niche. This book, however, is written to help your public speaking skills. This book will leave you with invaluable public speaking lessons.

9. Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

A perennial best seller, any book by Ryan should be jumped on. His previous 5 books were bestsellers as their content are very valuable to the readers. If you are looking long-term with your journey, you must read this book. He provides a framework that will help you sell your products for decades. This is a great skill to learn and market your products with.

10. Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Marketing concepts are sometimes hard to put in to action. Blue Ocean Strategy is recognized as one of the most iconic and impactful strategy books ever written, and the New York Times, #1 in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists.

The book explores break through concepts of the ‘red ocean’ and ‘blue ocean’ down to not only help you master them but implement them. This book provides a frame work to help you identify and capitalize on new markeet opportunities and thus growing your business, or starting a new business. Another big advantage to reading this book is that it can help you understand your current business market, including who to complete with, who to not compete with, as well as how to compete.

10. Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

If you want to discover the philosophies behind big entrepreneurship decisions, you should read Anything You Want. In this book, you will find the keys to success, mistakes to avoid and how to improve productivity.

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