Big Commerce Vs. Magento – Which Platform Is Better For Entrepreneurs?

E-commerce is a must these days. We all know that the world has been globalized, and the use of the internet is increasing day by day. Other than keeping the internet as a major source of information, people (including both men and women) have also started doing business over the internet. This type of business that is done electronically and involves the use of the internet is what we call e-commerce.

We live in a society where men are given more opportunities than women to earn their livelihoods. But with time, new trends are being introduced, and various changes are taking place. Women getting more opportunities for work is also significant among these changes. This has led to the formation of a new term ‘women entrepreneurs,’ which refers to women dealing in businesses. 

In this article, we are going to compare two major e-commerce solutions; BigCommerce and Magento, and decide the better option out of these exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

We will let you know which one out of these two e-commerce platforms is better. Which one should be the ultimate choice? And why would it be better for women entrepreneurs? This comparison will help you find out the right choice of entrepreneurship platform. So ladies, keep reading below to get satisfactory answers to your questions.


BigCommerce allows you to start selling or buying your products online, in just a few minutes.

Main features

  • You can design with freedom and creativity.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is facilitated by powerful analytics.


Magento is an open source e-commerce solution shifting to a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

Main features

  • Magento is open-source and uses the contribution of many coders about the world.
  • It offers fast services.
  • It has a good customer care team.

BigCommerce vs. Magento

Well, the main question that is revolving around in your mind is, of course, which of these two e-commerce platforms is the best? As per my personal opinion, I find Big Commerce better than Magento. There are many reasons behind this, some of which are mentioned below:

  • BigCommerce is considered to be the most scalable e-commerce platform among all others.
  • BigCommerce has a wide range of built-in features.
  • BigCommerce allows you to sell over multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • BigCommerce has a great variety of SEO tools that are featured with modern technology.
  • BigCommerce is the most trusted brand of e-commerce, which has impressed millions of users worldwide.
  • BigCommerce is known to have the best quality services, which ultimately give the best results.
  • BigCommerce enables you to enjoy excellent customer service all the time.

On the contrary, these features are either not available on Magento or are not up to the best standards, as provided by BigCommerce. So, the ultimate answer to your question is that BigCommerce is always preferred over Magento, and should be your first choice as well.

Which Platform Is Better For Entrepreneurs?

With time, the market is offering more opportunities for women too. Women entrepreneurs have worked hard to mark their name in the industry. This hard work has led to the increased practice of women entrepreneurship, ultimately making women entrepreneurship a big success.

Now the question that arises here is which one of the two above listed platforms is most recommended to women entrepreneurs. My answer to this question is BigCommerce. There are many reasons behind this statement, some of which are listed below:

  • BigCommerce has a friendly work environment that does not favor any discrimination between genders.
  • BigCommerce provides various opportunities which are suitable for women too (related to clothing, fashion, etc.). This is why many successful entrepreneurs recommend BigCommerce to be the first choice of women entrepreneurs also.
  • BigCommerce as a SaaS is cheaper comparing it to the resources you need to build an e-commerce website on Magento.

After making a comparison between these two platforms, we have know that BigCommerce is the top choice of every commerce business holder. If talking exclusively about the right choice for women entrepreneurs, our answer is still the same; BigCommerce. And especially that the company is offering 10% off migration services for merchants that switch from Magento to BigCommerce.

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