Interview with Carola Castillo, Forward-thinking Facilitator, International Speaker and Entrepreneur

1- Hello Carola, can you please tell us a bit about you?

First of all, thank you for this interview if I have to talk about myself I would describe Carola Castillo as a seeker a woman that needed to find herself in order to find life.

2- What are your focus areas and why?

I am focused on the transpersonal work because I do believe that from childhood we just learned repetition in order to survive as human beings if we find the door to experience new energies then we can change our perception in that way we can re-create a life that will improve our relationships our work and the life that we deserve.

3- Where do you think your work is making an impact? And what is the real work of a Facilitator?

My work is doing an impact in the areas of pursuing something new for people to change their perception to amplifies the intuition, so we don’t behave in the same way. Inner growing for areas of people who want to stretch old structures.

When you have called yourself a facilitator, it means an inner force that can promote changes in other.

4- Can you tell us more about “Systemic Coaching”?

We learn about systemic laws when we know these laws then we understand the broader characteristics of order and how we are connected. I invite your readers to visit my youtube channel, named Carola Castillo to know more about my work and watch my latest videos, and check out my website.

5- How did you build up a creative spirit, do you believe you were born with it or you developed it?

The word creativity (vision) comes from creation and that means to be close to a higher energy than we have since we are born. From 0 to 6 years old we need to survive, and, in a way, we stop that spiritual movement because we need to learn the connections in the family, religion, education, and culture.

When we come to a place of achieving consciousness, later in life, we understand that survival put us in a box and then we will have the capacity to develop that spiritual creativity. In other words, the box is a good thing until you make a better version of yourself.

6- What is the “one-word” advice you will give to our readers when it comes to succeeding in life?

Don’t give up.

7- Do you find as an expert, that you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex with the game rules are always changing?

I like the way life is pursuing itself, changes mean that you have the capacity to adapt, adaptation means an actual station in a way of dealing with new dimensions, so yes go for the change all the time.

8- Between Venezuela, the USA, and all these tasks you have to accomplish during your workday, what is the secret sauce to managing your time?

It is the result of what you do with your energy, we need time to have a reference point. If we’re really doing something with our energy or we’re just wasting time or maybe energy so if you put your energy in a project that project will grow because you have the project if you don’t have any project then where do you put your time and energy, so I manage my time like a project.

9- What can you tell young women who are just starting off their careers?

I consumed a lot of time in the indigenous community, I have learned from the wise women, the elder women representing the community, the Moon cycles, maternity, agriculture.  

If I have to inspire young women, I will say be wise with time and your planting.

10- A final thought?

Wake up every day and convince yourself that what you have learned it’s just a piece of your reality. There is so much more, go and conquer yourself.  

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