15 Behaviors We Don’t Perpetually Recognize as Self-Harm

Most often we adopt such bad behaviors in our daily life without realizing that they happen to be self-harming.

The following are 15 of such behaviors being discussed below:

1- Improper dressing against weather intensity

We behave very oddly while dressing improperly against extreme weather conditions. Especially in winter, we catch a cold and get seriously sick. Similarly in the extreme summer, we improperly get dressed and expose our body parts to the Sun; we suffer from heat-stroke. We need to be very careful while planning against extreme weather conditions. The dressing should be proper as per the demand of the situation.

2- Over-exercising

Every person has a different routine of life from others. We cannot become a great weight lifter or bodybuilder overnight. Being under the influence of a bodybuilder we indulge in over-exercising and spoil our health. Lifting heavy weight, our muscle is pulled very badly. We have to stay in the hospital for many days due to over-exercise.

3- Scratching your skin

We sometimes scratch our skin due to allergy. We don’t consult the doctor and hurt the skin badly. While scratching skin we feel relaxed but the bleeding from the skin spoils our skin. The doctor should be consulted for the treatment indeed.

4- Over-eating/Dieting

We harm ourselves in daily life by eating too much or too little. Both over-eating and excessive dieting spoil our health.

5- Compromisig with Irritant people

We continue to compromise with the irritant people and stay stressed mentally. It is bad behavior on our part. We have the right to live with peace of mind. It is unethical, immoral and illegal on the other’s part to spoil your peace of mind.  

6- Taking Risk for nothing

We develop a habit of taking risks for nothing; for instance, running a bike on a single wheel, crossing the fast-flowing river, putting an arm in a lion’s mouth, emitting fire from the mouth, walking on a single wall and endangering life for a bet.

7- Watching Horror Movies

We watch horror movies switching off the light and feel frightened. We feel our hearts beating fast. This behavior is injurious to health.

8- Not Consulting a Doctor

We suffer from ailment seriously but we don’t consult a doctor. We continuously avoid the intensity of the sickness; eventually, we have to be shifted to ICU.

9- Breaking up Good Relations

We have to tend the relations to make them everlasting. Not only do we but also others need mutual respect and care. We become careless more than need and the good relations break up with our dear and near ones. There is no substitute for a good relationship.

10- Drug Addiction

We live a healthy life; all of sudden we start taking drinks or we start taking other drugs just for the adventure. The adventure turns into an addiction spoiling our lives very badly.

11- Taking Those Things That Cause Allergy

It is a well-known proverb that prevention is better than cure. We suffer from extreme allergy by taking some edibles. We don’t stop taking them and carry on their use and continue to suffer from an allergy of a certain kind.

12- Showing Undue Courtesy Spoiling Our daily routine

Sometimes, we stay awake late at night to give the company to our lonely friend despite knowing that in the early morning we have to perform many serious duties. We don’t the courage to excuse a friend telling him about the serious routine of our life. We need to know that we are in the rightful position. Only the other one is out of routine. We should advise him to mend his ways.

13- Overspending

We spend beyond our means. This behavior disturbs our monthly budget very badly. We have to rely on a loan. Not only do we lose our honor by relying on loans but also we have to live a compromised life. The overspending spoils the life of an honorable person.

14- Isolating ourselves

Sometimes, we isolate ourselves for noting. We stay at home all the time when we need to go out for a walk, for shopping, to play a game or to take some exercise. The isolation spoils our self-confidence.

15- Having Casual Sex

Sometimes we develop a habit of casual sex than relying on usual sex. The casual sex disturbs our routine; we cannot perform our duties on time. Staying awake all night, we cannot go to work, and send the children to school. Nor can we accomplish our task in the office. The usual sex on weekends keeps everything on the right track.

Some of our behaviors spoil our health and affect our self-confidence. We compromise with the situations, things, and suffering. The above-mentioned improper behavior on our part needs to be controlled and rectified. We should avail of our basic as well as secondary rights in the society of free people. Compromised life is only led by slaves.