5 Common, False Impressions but Harmful Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss That You Need To Know

After Pregnancy, you go through a great transformation, becoming a mother from a woman. Not only do you conceive a baby, but also the love for the baby starts taking roots in your heart. It is quite natural. It happens to every pregnant woman. However, some of the pregnancies cannot complete their natural span and go waste in the middle. If it happens to you, you certainly suffer from great mental stress. Also, there are a lot of misconceptions about the miscarriage or loss of pregnancy among the people. You need to know about the facts right away.

What is miscarriage or loss of pregnancy?

Miscarriage is defined in different ways by different people; however, the proper definition of the miscarriage is simply as under:

“Miscarriage is an unplanned expulsion of a fetus from a womb before it is able to survive independently.”

What are the major misconceptions about miscarriage?

Before the answer to this question is explored, it is necessary to discuss that the miscarriage is an issue that is not commonly discussed. It is also considered to be one of the social taboos. As it is not commonly discussed, the major misconceptions could never be rectified till today. Some of the misconceptions are as under;

  • Mostly, people think that a stressful event causes a miscarriage. Having heard stressful news, a woman loses her pregnancy; it is a misconception.
  • Some people believe that a woman who lifts something heavy loses her pregnancy is another misconception. However, a pregnant woman should not get involved in such activities that cannot be done easily in such a condition.
  • Some other people think that the use of contraception pills causes miscarriage. It is also a misconception to a large extent.
  • Some people think that the argument with the pregnant woman causes her miscarriage.
  • Some people think that overwork causes miscarriage.

The Major Causes of Miscarriage

  • The medical research has proved that more than half of the miscarriages in the first 13 weeks occur due to the issue with the baby’s chromosomes. The baby cannot grow with the defective or damaged chromosomes. It is natural you cannot control the chromosome from getting damaged. Moreover, the risk of the chromosomes’ damage increases over the age of 35. Also, it is not necessary that the chromosome will get damaged during the next pregnancy.  
  • Some of the health problems also cause miscarriage, for instance, cytomegalovirus or German measles. Some of the poorly controlled chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure also cause miscarriage. The disease like Thyroid disease, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders cause miscarriage. The problems with your uterus or cervix, such as fibroids; an abnormally shaped uterus; or a cervix that opens and widens too early, called incompetent cervix.
  • Also, your way of living can cause miscarriage indeed; for instance, a study has proved that the risk of miscarriage lurks even if the father is a chain smoker. Moreover, the miscarriage can also occur due to the heavy drinking on the part of the pregnant woman. The illegal drug also causes miscarriage among pregnant women.
  • Mercury exists in the environment also causes miscarriage. For instance, Mercury is found in old water pipes, or you also find lead in the paint. Solvents such as paint thinners, degreasers, and stain and varnish removers. The pesticides for killing insects. Also, the arsenic is injurious to pregnancy.

General Feelings after Miscarriage

The women feel much stressed after the loss of pregnancy. A survey conducted in this regard was heart-rending. The women shared their mournful feelings regretting over the great loss. Some of the women were feeling being guilty about the loss of pregnancy. Many others mentioned some other factors being responsible for the loss of pregnancy. Many of the misconceptions were also discussed. Whatever the view of the people was, it is notable that a woman suffering from the loss of pregnancy deserves sympathy from every person of the family. The husband plays a major role in this regard. Like pregnancy, the miscarriage is also a natural phenomenon. However, precautionary measures can avert this loss.

Despite living in the 21st century when nature is getting exposed to us day by day, we cannot discuss some of the major issues of woman’s life like pregnancy and miscarriage commonly. The misconception existing in this regard could not be cleared till today. The common misconceptions regarding miscarriage are still misguiding the woman today. Just stressful events, arguments, carrying weight, and the overwork are the worn-out misconceptions about miscarriage. It is the need of the hour to help people understand that miscarriage occurs mostly due to problems in the baby’s chromosome, use of mercury, excessive drinking, chronic diseases, and many other environmental factors. The woman passing through such tragedy deserves great sympathy from all family members.