6 Simple Steps To Boost Your Happiness In 10 Minutes

Come check out these six steps that you can take on a daily basis to help boost your mood and create daily happiness.

A great mood is good for your health. Healthy women have found ways to boost their happiness which improves their moods and reduces stress levels through the release of hormones oxytocin and serotonin.

A good mood is contagious! It is easy to send emotional signals across to people and infusing people with positive energy is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Clinical psychologist Sandi Mann claims in her book ‘Ten minutes to Happiness” that you can improve your happiness daily by asking yourself any of these six questions.

What activities and events (however mundane) gives you joy?

Why are you feeling grateful?

Why were you praised?

What achievements of yours, however small, can you show?

How do you show your kindness?

When did you have moments of good luck?

Answering these questions daily can help you boost your happiness and increase your sense of self.

Meanwhile, you can improve your mood with following these 6 steps

1. Spend time in nature

This article is not asking you to sit in the uncomfortably stuffy heat or wait around in the pouring rain. What you can do is enjoy the fresh breeze of your front porch or enjoy the sight of trees swaying to the wind. Your spirit and mind will find this activity calming.

While this project doesn’t sound exhilarating, it establishes stability and exerts an astounding effect on your mind over a period of time. It helps the body phase into a state where there is a lower level of cortisol, the stress hormone. This lowers your stress level and increases the quantity of serotonin in the body. This shows how immersion into nature can positively affect our nervous system and make you happier.

2. Exercise vigorously

Yes, you are busy. Your schedule leaves no room for anything else apart from work. You have files to process in the office. We all go through times like this. What is important is to realize that a healthy work-life balance boosts your productivity and improves your happiness.

Exercising prompts your body to produce endorphins. These are the hormones that make you feel good. When you see it this way, sparing as little as ten minutes for exercise is a good way of ensuring a productive happy day.

3. See someone you love

Lacking social interaction is shown to affect the mental health of people as well as their physical health. To ensure constant happiness, stay in touch with friends and family and visit them when you can.

Boosting your level of happiness can easily be done with this simple step. You can picture a loved person in your mind. This can spark memories of time well spent and enjoyed together. Happy memories will give you the a reason to smile and make you happier.

Call, text, and visit people you have a strong connection with. It is a natural way of improving your mood.

4. Write down fun and happy memories

When the pressure of work is too much and you need a break from the stress, this is something you can engage in. You can be in your office and engage in this activity without any interference. All you have to do is be by yourself.

If you work at a place where there is pressure daily, you can turn this into a habit. Take 10 minutes off each day and highlight some of your happy memories. Write it down on paper. This act will ease some tension out of your body and contribute its part to your mental health.  

5. Plan your week

Failing to plan can mess up your schedule which in turn, can foul your mood. Planning ahead allows you to prioritize your schedule and focus on what needs to be done.

This way, you can look forward to executing those tasks on your to-do list with pleasure. As you are accountable for your time, stuff your week with activities that will make you happy.

6. Reflect on your blessings and be grateful.

We all have things that we are grateful for in life. While work stress and a busy timetable may not allow you to fully bask in the glory of your wins, take some time off daily to reflect on these blessings. Turn this into a daily ritual and express personal gratitude for the positives in your life.

Gratitude takes away negative energy and increases happiness. Shield yourself from depression, stress and all other forms of negativity by expressing your gratitude daily.

Do you find the list helpful? We are sure you do.

In conclusion, avoid boredom. There is a correlation between boredom, other mental health issues and unhappy people. Have as much human contact as you can. Having intimate contact increases the oxytocin level of the body which makes you feel really good and happy. However, if these techniques aren’t working for you, and you still are struggling, BetterHelp has therapists available in your area to offer advice and support to help you get back on track.

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