10 Most Popular Self-Help Books to Buy in 2020

These books are your best friends. Not only do you gain knowledge from the books but the books broaden your vision. It is rightly said that the readers are leaders. If you stay in touch with books, many of the problems can be resolved by you by consulting others. A variety of books are found in the market for the taste of every kind of person. These self-help books are very popular among youth and the housewives to a great instance.

The 10 most popular self-help books in 2020 are being discussed below:

1- The Little Book of Big Lies by Tina Lifford

It is considered to be a top-rated book in 2019. The book comprises of 14 personal stories of Lifford. Going through the book, you feel inner strength. The stories also broaden your vision. Not only do you look at the world with a different angle but a great positive change occurs to your personality.

2- You are a Badass by Jan Sincero

The book has been written to realize the true meanings of life. You have been realized how to change the way of thinking and how to bring about a drastic change in your life. You will certainly start thinking about various things in a different way. It is a good effort on the part of the author to help to change yourself as per the need of the hour.

3- The Four Hour Work Weekly by Tim Ferris

The book has been written to bring about a drastic change in your life. The author helps you on how to earn a lot of money without getting involved in a 9-5 working daily routine. You are introduced to the new ideas that certainly help you make up your personal deficiencies.

4- Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

You have been realized through the book how the people do some of the things that they don’t like just for the sake of success. Of course, some of the things badly disturb you but you do it just for a better future. The book helps you build up the self-confidence to face the realities of like.

5- 100 Days to Brave by Annie Downs

The authoress shares her personal stories to the reader to help him overcome the fear that spoils his/her self-confidence. The motivational stories with great courageous examples help you better understand the true meaning of life.

6- Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

The book has been written to help you better understand the true meanings of life. The importance of courage has been greatly raised to make you understand that without any daring steps you cannot make marks in any field. You have to take strong measures to tackle the difficulties of life. Also, you have to face the challenges of life manfully.

7- Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

It is a great effort on the part of the authoress to help the reader realize the true motive of his/her life. The authoress has great experience in multiple fields of life. She wants to help the reader take advantage of her experience to find the true way that not only helps him become successful but also helpful for others.

8- The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor

It is a good effort on the part of Shawn Anchor to help the reader get psychologically strong to understand the true meaning of happiness. The reader starts taking happiness from a different perspective. The life of the reader changes to a large extent after reading this book.

9- Switch by Chip Heath

The book helps you change things with a sensible effort. The reader has been beautifully guided to understand the things to change them in the right direction. Also, the true meaning of life has been introduced in the book.

10- Third Door by Alex Banyan

The book helps you find new ways to become successful in life. Alex Banyan gives you a personal example of how to change your way of thinking. Your way of thinking is a great hurdle on the way of your success. Once you start thinking of the new dimensions of life. Your life will start favoring you positively. You will become a great person indeed.

Book reading is a great habit that helps you change your way of thinking. It is rightly said that the readers are the leader. The books make you view life in its true perspective. Also, the self-help book helps you better prepare for yourself to stay prominent in the crowd of experts. You are given the right direction through interesting stories and a great example. You find yourself utterly different from the time when you were starting the book. The above-mentioned books are the best treasure of knowledge and wisdom. You must read them to better understand life and its requirements.