5 Books To Inspire Your Kids This Back To School Season

Reading is a habit that should actively be encouraged in kids and in adults alike. However, since the younger age groups are in the development phase of their psychological abilities and personalities, it is important to give them a positively impacting habit like reading that can inspire them and build them as better people. We all can relate to the common fairy tales and books that we have read as kids, like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and Goldilocks, but the passage of years has brought along the need for kids to study books that can teach them about life and stir a beneficial thought process in their minds.

The best part about kids picking up a reading habit is that their brains have a better learning capacity than adults, and the lessons that they learn as kids tend to stay an active part of their personality development throughout their lives.

Here are a few books that can be an inspirational read for your kids, and you can snuggle in with them to read along as well.

  1. “Wake up Happy” by Michael Strahan: Wake up Happy is not really the kind of book you would find in the kids’ books section, but rather an adult read. However, the book consists of extremely important life lessons and tips that can help a person find happiness in life by being able to achieve their goals better. Many parents believe that kids should only read storybooks or such kinds, but the truth is, the earlier a kid starts to incorporate goal-achieving lessons and healthy practices in their life, the more mature and organized they grow up to be.
  2. “Inspire the World” by Creators of QuoteTag: This book is a collection of inspiring and motivating quotes that your kids will benefit a lot from. Not only will your kids learn various tips that can come in handy in real life or find the motivation from famous people’s successes in their lives, but also, their way of thinking through problems will be more driven and optimistic, just like we often say, “When there is a will, there is a way.” Also, who knows, maybe your kid will pick up some impressive quotes to use in their class essay and their teachers will thank you for this wonderful upbringing on the next Parent Teachers Meeting.
  3. “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive” by Amy Newmark and Loren Slocam Lahav: Everyone knows how wonderful the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series is. If there are any books that you probably remember from your elementary school, it is this beautiful read. So many inspiring stories and motivational people and their quotes – all in one place for a kid that deserves to know life and get ahead in life matters. Don’t deprive your kids of this inspiring book – it would be hugely unfair.
  4. “Fueled by Failure” by Jeremy Bloom: The author of this book, Jeremy Bloom, is a CEO, NFN player, philanthropist, and an Olympian, and yet, he has no shame admitting his failures so publicly and accepting them as his way forward. Let’s face it: as your kids will grow, they will make a lot of mistakes and will fail so many times before they are finally able to call themselves successful and independent. By reading this book, your kids will know that whenever they fail in life, they need to take it as a lesson for the next time to avoid the same mistakes again, as well as how to cope up with failures.
  5. “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds: This is a purely kid-ish book but with a great message i.e. discover your true self. The book is rather graphical and artistic, not plain text, and is a great read for kids to be pleased with the amount of color and action that goes on in its simplicity. The book basically tells a story about a girl and how she manages to discover her skills at art, and indirectly directs your kids to find their hidden talents, too. Life is indeed all about discovering oneself, and the sooner your kid starts looking for their qualities, the better they can polish themselves into a talented person.

All of these books are just some of the most inspiring books that people have benefitted from, and since every parent wants the best for their kids and wants their kids to be the best, it is not surprising that these books are suitable and recommendable for kids, too.

Reading such books will develop your kids’ minds with more intelligent, imaginative, and creative ideas that maybe even you would not have thought of. Hence, read more, and make your kids read more, too – trust me, they will thank you for it.