How to Be a Better Tourist Everywhere You Go

It is a well-established opinion that locals of the countries most popularly known for their tourist spots have started refusing and repelling the increase in tourism, but why are tourists becoming so unwelcomed worldwide? That is something to think about.

Maybe, it is because people are now traveling more than they used to. There are several factors that have contributed to the increase in tourism around the globe, and some of them are as follows.

Factors that have boosted tourism:

  1. Access to traveling facilities: People now have access to airplanes and trains more often and easily. When airplanes were introduced, they were very expensive, and a very limited number of airline companies were there to cater to the few people who could afford to travel by air. However, now that airline companies are numerous in every country, and airports are also built-in almost every populated city, it is more convenient than before to travel around the world. Other than airlines, there were lesser methods of public transport as opposed to now, where we have bullet trains and whatnot.
  2. Time taken to travel: Time is a huge determining factor for travel. Earlier, traveling durations used to be longer than now, and people used to avoid traveling unless necessary to avoid wastage of time. Now that there are faster flights and quicker by-road routes, people often take time out to travel around to get a break from the fast-paced routine life.
  3. Budget required to travel: Global economy growths have resulted as many countries have improved in terms of development over the years. People’s buying powers have expanded and cheaper traveling options have also emerged, making it affordable to travel. The increased purchasing power also contributes to the globalization of the business world that has taken place.
  4. Tourism agencies tell you to go: There are tourism agencies that employ specialists who know what you are looking for when they talk to you. By being able to rely on the tourist agencies’ advice as to where you should travel, discounts offered, and other assistance, people have been more encouraged to travel the places they like instead of having doubts about whether the place would be worthy of spending so much time, money, and energy.
  5. Social media: People get inspired by people. When someone sees a photo of a beautiful tourism spot that a friend visited and posted about on their social media profile, they get the urge and desire to visit that place, too. In fact, many people visit famous places like Eiffel Tower in Paris just to show other people by posting on social media that they have been there, too.

Now that you know what has led to tourists being literally everywhere, let’s get on to the tips for being a good tourist i.e. a tourist that does not disturb the peace of the host country or its people:

Tips to be a Good Tourist:

  1. Decide your purpose of the trip: Many people travel to popular tourist destinations not because they had ever dreamt of being there, but because they want to post it on social media and tell others that they have been there. This is a result of the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) culture imposed by social media networks, so that everyone lives life like a competition, and one does whatever they see others doing. Regardless, decide why you want to travel. Is it because you find the place beautiful? Is it to appreciate the place’s history or culture? Is it to get a break from your life and breathe freely? Decide – that way, you won’t be tricking your mind into doing something that you don’t really want to do.
  2. Get away from the mainstream spots: It has been found that most tourists visit the same few spots regularly, and inevitably causing a disturbance to the local life by crowding the place. Instead, let the regular tourist spots be free for a while, and travel to remote areas instead. That way, you will get to travel the country without being a nuisance to the locals, and you’ll avoid the unwanted crowds, and get an actual view of the place instead of people!
  3.  Appreciate their culture and history: Imagine a guest comes to your home and starts laughing at your family photos or mocking your antique décor that your grandmother gifted… You would probably want to kick them out, and that is a reason why tourists are often unwelcomed by locals. When you go to a country, learn about their culture, understand their history, and respect their traditions. Don’t ask silly questions or question the logicality of their actions.

These are some tips that can help you become a better tourist than you are, and let you travel to any place you want freely without being eyed aggressively by the locals.