10 Effective Ways To Set Limits With Your Child While Travelling

Contrary to the opinions of most parents, kids that act up don't simply do so because they can. Check out the 10 effective ways to set limits while traveling

It is an almost certain fact that children will always test their parent’s limits. It is bound to happen more during a vacation as they will try to experiment with their freedom and how much they can get away with.

Below is a list of ten remarkably effective ways to set limits with your children during a vacation.


Contrary to the opinions of most parents, kids that act up don’t simply do so because they can. There usually is an underlying factor. Keeping a tight watch on your kids during a family vacation will help you know when the children are having a difficult time. Factors like hunger, fatigue, and even fear contribute to the display of off-putting behavior by your kids.

Initial Response

There are a couple of approaches you could employ when a kid is exhibiting off-putting behavior. It is a mothers instinct to try setting a limit at every display of off-putting behavior. However, there are situations where other approaches might be required. The environment might even be unfavorable to setting a limit. Once you have ensured that your kids are not hurting themselves, you can decide to wait it out and see if there are changes in the behavior of the children.

Limiting Verbal Engagement

Sometimes, the attitudes of the children can send your brain into a meltdown. During a family vacation, there is no guarantee that the children won’t display acts that will send you into a frenzy. You don’t want to appear as the stuttering mother who can’t control and take charge of the situation. Reducing the amount of verbal communication helps. Say little and keep it strong and soft. That helps you set the limit.

Staying Close

Most kids only engage in erratic acts and display off-putting behavior in the absence of their parents. Being near your children offers them reassurance. They are less likely to misbehave if you are close to them throughout the vacation. A child having hard a time will find it easier to report to a mother that stays close to him rather than throwing tantrum.


This is very important. The first step you should take as a mother is to ensure your safety and that of your child/children. As the display of off-putting behavior comes in various forms, you don’t want your children hurting you or themselves in the process. Once their safety is assured, you can find ways of properly engaging their behavior.


Give them the opportunity to make their choices. If there are a limited number of options, let the children know and make them realize that their actions have consequences. You don’t need to sugar-coat the situation for them. All you need to do is make them understand the options they have before they make their choice. This helps absolve you of blames effectively.

Highlight Their Contributions

Who doesn’t like being praised? Absolutely no one. The next time you are on a family vacation, let your kids know that you value the little contributions they are making. Compliment them for helping with the luggage, playing with the baby, watching their siblings and other little actions they take. You will be surprised at the result.

Fulfill Their Fantasy

There is no doubt that one of the major rewards of motherhood is the happiness of the children. Apart from making you happy as a mother, your kid’s happiness also helps you set the kids straight. A happy kid is less likely to go off the rails. Learn what your kids want and help them make their fantasies into reality.

Limiting Rebuke

Most kids throwing tantrums don’t plan on throwing it all the time so, it could be a good idea to reduce the lecture you are dishing out to the culprit. Limit your rebuke and lecture to be educative and ensure that the child realizes that actions have consequences.

Setting The Limit

If you are able to physically stop a child displaying off-putting behavior, engage in the act. It is never to early to stop a child. Do not let go of the child until he/she stops displaying such behavior and promises to be good.

When you travel with the kids, ensure that you have fun and don’t hesitate to set limits of any kid with the steps listed above. Also, learn from the trip and reflect on how you can improve the quality of the next vacation.

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