5 Car Tools Every Mom Should Have

Stay safe while traveling and commuting, or can get to safety if your car breaks down or you run in to trouble, by having this short list of gadgets with you

When you’re on the road, you’re out in the world, and the world can get dangerous when you least expect it. If your car breaks down or runs into trouble, you need to have a plan, and the tools, to stay safe and get the problem solved.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a mechanic to give yourself a chance of getting home or to the nearest repair shop. You just need a small kit of essential tools and equipment. In the event of an accident or other emergency, you’ll even increase your odds of survival.

This shortlist of items includes some of the most functional and likely items you’ll need to stay safe and get home or somewhere safe. With these gadgets and tools, you need minimal mechanical know – how to use. They’re the basics. You could load your car up with dozens of other tools, but this short list or core items will hopefully be enough.

5 Tools Every Mom Should Have In Her Car:

1. Bluetooth receiver

The joys of having a smartphone mean you can carry your music everywhere with you, including in your car. Why don’t you upgrade your car with a Bluetooth receiver? Vont has an amazing Bluetooth receiver. The moment you plug this into your car you will have an immediate Bluetooth connection. This gives you the ability to answer calls whilst driving and wireless music ability. This device from Vont has universal compatibility and works with pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled device. There is also a 3.5mm AUX audio jack for those without Bluetooth devices.

The HD sound quality will surprise you. You will not experience the Low-quality sound experienced with other brands. The Vont Bluetooth receiver employs CVC technology. This suppresses ambient noise delivering crystal clear sound.  You do not have to worry about your phone battery dying. You can charge your phone as this device has lightning charging from the built-in 5V-2.1A charge port.

2. Life Hammer

This tiny item could save your life. You should keep it at the driver’s seat with velcro or double-sided tape. You’ll be able to break a window if you are stuck underwater or otherwise imprisoned in your car. You’ll be able to rapidly cut the seatbelt (a notoriously tough piece of cloth for obvious reasons). When you’re out of the air, the automobile is on fire, or another hazard looms, time is of importance. With this inexpensive and easy tool, getting out rapidly becomes much easier.

3. Set of three sockets and screwdrivers

Even in the most contemporary cars, items come free from time to time due to vibration, age, or other factors. A simple adjusting of whatever is loose will usually solve the issue. This is useful if the battery terminal connection is slack. Sometimes a hose clamp has slipped, or there are other evident problems under the hood it will be handy. Even if you’re not a car expert, raising the hood and looking for obvious issues like these is simple. Keep your eyes on the primary systems and scan for loose or detached components.

For the most versatility, get a set with many socket sizes and screwdriver tips. Acquaint yourself with how they fit together before stowing the box in your trunk.

4. Jumper cables or a battery jumper

Whatever the cause, a dead battery is inconvenient and can mean the difference between a safe commute or trip and danger. Even though it is something you may never think of, battery failure will render a car utterly useless. A set of jumper cables can get you back on the road and to the closest parts store. It will get you there even though the battery alone can no longer hold a charge. Instead of the smaller, cheap type, use heavy-gauge cables with sturdy, high-quality spring-loaded clamps. on each end.  A good pair of jumper cables will be handy and will work with a larger range of vehicles. An even better option is a battery jumper so that if no one is around you can jump off your own battery and quickly be back on the road.

5. Flashlight

It’s easy to think that all your road problems will occur during daylight hours, but what if you end up with a car problem at night? Your smartphone may easily help you navigate from bed to the restroom while being at home. But if you have real work to do at night or in less accessible sections of the car, you’ll need a genuine flashlight. For easier hands-free use, look for a flashlight with a magnet on the side. Replace the batteries regularly, and keep a spare set in the car.

You never know when you’ll need a constant source of light for a few hours or maybe the entire night.

With winter around the corner, these 5 products can entertain or help you when you make your way on the roads. Do not risk boredom as you are stuck in traffic or being stuck out there because you were not prepared.