5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Geeky Half In Your Life

Check out this list of FIVE last minute gift ideas for that geeky significant other in your life!

With the gift-giving season already upon us, it’s time to start searching for that perfect gift for the geek or nerd in your life. However, that poses its challenges, as your average geek or nerd probably already has all the hottest new toys and electronics.

If you’re going to find a gift, you’re going to have to think outside the box. Below, we’ve compiled 5 of the hottest gifts for the geek or nerd in your life. These presents blend functional objects with a touch of pop culture and are sure to leave the other geeks and nerds trembling with envy. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got something to suit your other half.

With so many people’s lives being dominated by social media, taking your eyes away from digital screens like your phone, TV, or computer screen, and planting your face in an old fashioned published book, it has to be one of the geekiest things a person can do lately. You might always pick up a book or two as a present, but why stop there when you can give your book lover a full year of books with a book club subscription? Trying to find the right book club can be hard to do, but luckily Simon & Schuster has already put together a few lists with a wide range of themes. 


There’s not a single one of my geeky friends that wouldn’t like to have some new dice in their stocking, and some of them don’t even play D&D anymore. A drive down to a game shop will give you more gift concepts than you can shake your wand at, from the newest rule books, dice, and miniatures, to pre-loved or rare items to round out your geek’s favourite collection If you’re looking for something really special, there are tons of great gifts to be found at Monoprice.

2- Music Streaming Service Subscription

In the event, the geeky half in your life needs a little distraction, some tunes for that Zoom dance party might come in handy. Consider gifting them a subscription to a music-streaming service of their choice. If they are an iPhone owner, an Apple gift card can be put toward their Apple Music subscription. Be sure to also consider a premium Spotify or YouTube Music subscription upgrade to knock out ads with a subscription to YouTube Premium or Spotify Premium.

3- All-Purpose Tech Gift Cards

If you have a tech geek to buy for but don’t know what to get, just online and search online to get e-gift cards that don’t need to be placed in the mail. The obvious places to get discounted cards including Slickdeals, which offers amazing deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts. You can also request deal alerts to get notified of the most recent deals. They also have an app so you can get real-time deals as they come out. Slickdeals has a browser extension that auto applies coupons for you. So it’s also the best place to get all kinds of Monoprice Coupons.

4- Funko pop figurine

Funko Pops are a perfect stocking stuffer holiday gift for casual fans, and they can be a monumental gift for collectors. The only problem is that the selection process is daunting, this is a good problem to have because you have a wide choice to pick the perfect gift.

Funko Pop gift choices touch on popular franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and anime with popular ‘ordinary’ releases that should be easy to find and inexpensive gift.

5- 3D Printer

Why not get a 3D Printer! Geeks tend to be enthusiasts and enjoy tinkering and creating! Young and old, 3D Printer owners use their imagination and ingenuity to bring their designs to life! 3D printers and accessories can make great presents, but knowing what to do with can be difficult for people who are not interested in the hobby themselves. This is a hobby that needs a lot more than just a printer, and there are all sorts of equipment that can help them create better quality prints or make life simpler.

The geeky half in your life will appreciate the out of the box gift idea that you have come up with. You can never go wrong with being different and there are gifts to suit just that at great deals too.

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