5 Poor Excuses for Not Starting Your Own Business

Do you want to start your own business but something is stopping you from doing it?

Starting a business isn’t difficult but to grow your business and making it successful takes a lot of hard work and it’s worth the lifestyle you get in return. 

Not having your own business is actually what keeps you from having a good lifestyle. An innovative person starts his business without making excuses and becomes successful by doing hard work but the one who keeps making excuses can never be successful in life. 

The feeling of being your own boss, setting your own work schedule, and building your business from scratch gives you so much satisfaction than doing a job for someone else and doing things according to their rules and regulations. 

So, what’s keeping you from starting your own business? If you are afraid of failure then keep in mind that everyone fails at some point but the key to success is to keep going and struggling.

Some of the excuses made by those who don’t want to start their own business are:

1- I don’t have the skills to start my own business

This is one of the poorer excuses one can make in this era to starting a business as it’s not difficult to have any kind of business skills these days. You can do online courses or enroll yourself in different academic courses related to business to get some business development skills like marketing, finance, project and resource management.

If you don’t have time or you don’t want to learn on your own then you can do a partnership with someone having some particular business skills and trade in your services. This way you and your partner can both play a part according to the skills you already have to start and grow your business and both parties can get profit from this.

2- It’s risky to start a new business

Life is all about taking risks and if you don’t take risk how will you know which great opportunities are waiting for you out there. Everything you do involves risk whether continuing on the same career path or starting a new business. You just cannot grow if you don’t have the power to take risks in life. 

It’s not guaranteed that you will have success right away, and you may even have many failures, but eventually your hard work and determination will pay off.

3- Not having enough money

You have countless business options out there depending on what budget you have. Not having enough money in the beginning should be one of the last reasons one should avoid starting a business. It’s not important to start with big ideas that require a lot of money. It is possible to start small! You might be surprised at how much small businesses flourish and with what you can accomplish from a small budget.

4- Competition is too high

No doubt there is competition in every field whether it be a day job or a business of your own. If you are doing some kind of job, then you have to compete with your colleagues. Similarly, in business, there is competition but if you continue doing hard work no one can stop you from accomplishing your goals in life. Healthy competition is necessary everywhere to boost your working capability and to keep you focused on your work.

If you are thinking that starting a new business will put you under pressure and you will have competition from both the big companies as well as startups, then make sure that those big firms and the other startups will also be having the same competition with you. They will also have to do more hard work and planning to maintain their position but they cannot stop you from growing in the market.

It all depends on creating your first impression in the market and on the customers and always providing the quality work that will help you boost your business. And keep in mind that what’s God has planned for you, it will come to you in any way.

5- Don’t have time 

This is the lamest excuse ever that I don’t have enough time to start my own business. I’m preoccupied with my job or other things and starting a new business requires a lot of time. These are all excuses to just not starting your own business.

We all have the same number of hours in a day. It just depends on how you decide to spend your time and prioritize things. If you are doing a job, then you can cut some hours from it to give more time to your own business. Surely, it will affect the income you were getting from your job but hopefully, once you start your business you’ll be earning more out of your business than the job, and eventually, you can leave the job to give full time to your workplace to grow your business.

All of these excuses will keep you from starting your own business. If you make your mind, then nothing can stop you. It’s just the matter of your strong will power and your determination. Don’t let any fear to come in the way of your success. Don’t think of others and the competition out there, prioritize your time according to the things that you want the most, take risks, start with a small budget in the beginning. These things will help you in the long run and if you stay determined no matter if you have to face the failure also, your struggle and honesty with your business will give you a lot of surprises for sure.