Why Women, In Particular, Should Learn To Code.

If you are a women and looking for a new lucrative career check out this article to see why you should be learning how to code!

The software development profession is generally considered one of the most lucrative professions. It is predicted that this profession is even going to get more lucrative as time goes on. This is because there are more jobs than coders and it is estimated that the job openings will keep growing. The evolution of coding is obvious with the increasing use of mobile devices and computers. Sadly, the number of women who show interest in coding is few and the number of women who actually code is minute in comparison to men. This article tells you why as a woman, you should learn to code.

There are a lot of reasons why professional women should actually learn how to code. The most important ones are stated below

Market Domination

 To be dominant in the market, you have to understand it. The technology market simply provides products that solve the problems of its consumers. The biggest consumers of technology are women. Learning how to code as a woman will give you an edge like no other. This is because as a woman, have insights into what other women want. In a male-dominated profession, your ideas and products are more likely to kick others out and establish a niche for you at the top. As of now, not a lot of women code and this has resulted in the production of mostly male-oriented products for a female consumer market. Being a woman who codes will tip the scales in your favor and help you exploit regions of the market that have been untouched so far.

Job Employment and Money Making

As earlier stated, coding is the new gold mine. There are more employment opportunities than there are people. The pay is great and you get to build cool products. The prospect of job security should be more than enough to motivate you to learn how to code. There are few skilled women who are trying to learn to code at the moment. You can improve your rank by joining them today. What makes coding appealing is the fact that the skill can be easily learned. All it requires is some critical thinking. You can be a professional teacher and still learn and understand how to code or just get the basics to learn how to start a new side gig that can make you real money. There are a lot of programming languages and frameworks to choose from so you have many options available to you. You can learn the language you feel suits you.

Software Community

As a relatively young profession, there is a very supportive community of coders out there. The support is even greater if you are a woman and the women circle in the tech community is a tightly knitted one. The coding community will encourage your growth and provide the necessary guide and support when required. You can easily get a lot of learning materials and software for free or at a really cheap prices. Meet-ups and interactive sessions are usually organized. You can make new friends and stumble upon opportunities at these sessions or you can just follow the pioneers on social media to get their top tips and guidance.

Gender Gap

It is an established fact that there are more male coders than professional women who code. In most professions, this gender gap usually results in a pay gap. There have been countless examples of situations where skilled women are protesting and complaining about the pay gap. Learning how to code can help solve some of the problems as you get to work at some of the biggest companies. You get to earn what your male counterparts are earning and keep pace with the men.


If you don’t learn how to code now, you might be left behind and wanting in the future. The children of the future are going to be tech-oriented and there will be little or no space for people without any knowledge of coding. Learning and understanding the most basic of programming languages can go a long way in changing this.


Lastly, coding is fun. Most people run from coding because of the stereotype assigned to it. A lot of people without any experience of coding label coding as boring. This is as a result of the image their mind has been conditioned to generate when they think about it. Once you start learning how to code, you will realize that there are many creative things to do with your newly acquired skill.

We hope you realize why as a professional woman, you should shun the stereotypical image associated with coding. You should learn how to code. Your critical thinking skills and approach to problem-solving will surely improve.

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