Make it Big 2020 by BigCommerce is Coming

BigCommerce is holding a three-day event from October 6-8, 2020. This conference is being held online and will be hosted on-demand.  This conference is the biggest of its kind and is jam-packed with helpful tricks and solutions that online retailers may come across in the day to day running of their business.

 Focusing on effective E-commerce

With industry experts in retail, eCommerce, and business, BigCommerce’s main aim is to help merchants grow their eCommerce brands. This panel of experts will talk about their experiences and share their best practices in eCommerce.

Discussed topic offerings include:

  • Scaling your Brand
  • Creating and Developing a Community
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Selling Cross-Border and Multi-Store
  • Customer Segment Personalization
  • + More!

Objectives and why we need events like this one

The objectives of this workshop are to highlight and discuss key tactics to help online retailers thrive. From the creation of the eCommerce website to the management of successful organic growth in sales & online interactions with existing and future clients. This is a unique opportunity to help learn new tricks that will defiantly take your business to the next

 The COVID pandemic has dramatically shifted the trajectory of e-commerce in 2020. Traditional retail sales have declined whilst e-commerce has seen a 129% year on year growth in North America alone as of April. Most brick and mortar stores have taken their businesses online to try and survive the pandemic. As a result, U.S. e-commerce sales are projected to hit the $700 billion mark in 2020 up from $601.65 billion, which is about 11% of total retail sales, since 2019. This is the biggest jump in the e-commerce share of retail sales ever! No retailor can hide from these glaring facts.

Across the world, people have shifted buying habits and the imposed lockdowns have even hit boomers by forcing them to shop online. COVID has accelerated growth in the e-commerce industry and more businesses will be joining the e-commerce business revolution than ever before. Early adopters that previously embraced the e-commerce trend are already experiencing expansion, in the midst of retail shrinking.  Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4 trillion by the end of 2020.

But, simply creating a website and selling your products isn’t as easy as it looks. Customers won’t just magically visit your site. The cash won’t just flow in once you go online. The competition is stiff online and online shopping behaviors are a moving target as they are changing faster than ever before. A lot goes into a successful e-commerce business, and we at BigCommerce have assembled industry experts who will make navigating the e-commerce market more clearly. The changing economy calls for keeping up with emerging trends to cut through the noise, get noticed, and attract your target customers. Here are three trends experts are paying attention to.

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